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Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to the faternity to the Alfa Beta Gaga. 

This song just happens to describe my mood perfectly right now. 

I feel good. Going to have some dinner out by darling harbor tonight. Should be OK. Ill have to turn up the charm and gussy my face up because there could be a job coming out of this dinner. Nothing is for certain but a little cologne and some pearly whites never hurt anyone ya?

I'm not going to layer the bullshit (really cant be arsed to these days), but I might talk a little and laugh at jokes that arn't particularly funny. Sometimes pretension can be useful, lets hope however that I don't need to use it as a real tool. That would make me a little sad actually. 

I'm all for the "this is me, fuck off if you dont like it", mentality these days. Know what I mean? I have been employing this train of thought for quite a while now, but never with such ferocity as I have here. I'm not sure that is entirely a good thing. I have no one here to say:

"Husain, your being an idiot. Stop it."


"Get a grip douchebag."

So I'm not sure where my boundaries really lye. I suppose Ill just have to make do by continuing to observe others and how they react to me. When I start to expel people simply by being in their presence I will know that I have gone too far.

On that note however, I really haven't been talking too much. The usual chit chat I suppose, but not nearly the same amount as alot of people here. I hang out with the other packers sure, but general mindless banter about women I have fucked, drunken nights out, or "check out the tits on that one", don't seem to interest me. Is Husain growing up and actually referring himself in the third person? Fuck.

Some real solid connections have been made here however. Artists...the British and Irish. Lol

Alas, I must go. I waste too much time on this thing, but what can a man do when its raining and be forced to don a purple hoodie

Oh Sydney you dirty dirty girl. 


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