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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cold days and Micheal Douglas.

Its a cold day in Sydney today. Nothing better to do than to hang around and watch a lot of movies and shoot the proverbial shit. Its a nice feeling actually. This hostel is a small place which provides a comfortable family type of vibe. Lots of long term packers sprinkled in with the ones who need a place of respite from the onslaught of constantly moving around the country.

Traveling for an extended period of time can be any of the following things:

1. Exciting. 
2. Adventure filled.
3. Boring.
4. Exhausting.
5. A pain the ass.

This place however seems to provide relief from all of that. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but the atmosphere sucks you in and refuses to let go. It's a dangerous concoction of comfort, tranquility and stagnation. 

Myself personally know I have to move on. I refuse to stay here, because there are much nicer places in the country to widdle my days away in. I'm going to give myself to the end of the week. Sunday night at the latest. 

There is however the question of money. I have to sit down somewhere and find work. There is some potential in Melbourne working in the health care field yet that is nothing but another city. I want the beach. I want the small towns. I want the dreads. Ok, maybe not the dreads, but I'm craving that hippy, smoke a joint and talk about life mentality. I also cant help but feel that I should blow all I have and come back home because there are people that I desperately miss. I'm not exactly sure if the feeling is mutual, but I cant deny what the heart wants or at least attempt to do so. 

I'm not so much scared anymore (as mentioned in the last note), but apprehensive. It will all come as I want it to, I'm sure, but the waiting is killing me. Sitting on my ass twiddling my thumbs with soldier like vigilance. I just need that window to open a crack and I'm going to run through; Eyes open. Shoulders ready. Granted its only been one week but.... patience man... patience.

From reading what I just wrote, it may seem to anyone paying attention (lol, all 3 of you) that I am having a miserable time. I assure you I'm not. Writing this blog has turned into a sort of therapeutic release for me and as with any psychologist it is usually the negative that gets brought to light. 

But to quell any fears of my "good times and rock and roll" I will list all the fun things I have done over the last week.

1. Met some very cool Swedish, dutch, french, British, and Aussie folk.
2. Been to the beach and got minor sunburn. lol.
3. Snorkeling. No stingrays however. Alas, my dreams of dying like my hero Steve Irwin will have to wait.
4. Eating some good kebabs.
5. Not been drinking that much, but when I have its always been good times. 
6. Its only been 6 days, 3 of which I was jet lagged or feverishly sick. Gimme a break :)

Ok. Thanks for listening yo. 
Oh and my new cell phone # is 0416389037. Pretty sure you have to put 011 + 61 in front. Call me. It would be nice talking to you. 

Love in music.
Music in Notwist.

Find them. Listen. More specifically "Neon Golden".

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