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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rugrats and full grown emo men.

I sit in an airport with tired and sullen faces staring at me. Dark dreary eyes sulk to the floor with an aura of ambivalence permeating through their flesh. Seriously though, people look straight up tired man. Connecting flights, a last tiff with a loved one, not enough cocain for breakfast. Who knows. Maybe I should stop observing the lonely emo guy in the corner. I don't think he would appreciate the criticism. DONT CRY EMO BOY! I still believe damnit. You don't HAVE to be an hero. Although, truthfully it would be kinda entertaining. Until I get shot up that is. 

A child in orange shoes just ran by me. Laughing, jumping, making that face where you stick your tounge out and put your thumbs in your ears while wiggling the rest of his pint sized digits. His mother of coarse was right in tow watching, smiling, knowing that her baby boy was having the time of his life. I hope my wife is like this. Seriously. Thats just cool.

Is this a blog some may ask? Or the better question being, why the fuck am I reading this rambled mess? Well bob, let me tell you.

1. This is not your typical blog. Its going to be mostly something to do when I am bored and alcohol doesn't seem like a viable option.

2. Your reading this garbage because you are also bored out of your mind. Alcohol for you however is ALWAYS a viable option. In fact, it is strongly suggested that you be drinking some if you plan on reading any more of this. 

Anyways, I started this in LAX but now I continue while sitting in Sydney. Screw continuity. 

Its hot. Im wearing a beater and shorts, eating a banana and loving life. I checked my email and I had a nice surprise waiting for me. My work visa application went through! So I am fully certified to work in the country for one year. FUCK YES. Take that government. Sticking it to the man, while kissing his ass at the same time. Some may say its physically impossible, I on the other hand suggest that taking meth makes anything possible. There is a surprising amount of drug talk going on here.

Anyways, tons of cool people. The usual backpacker crowd sprinkled with a lot of young Aussies working around the country. Good stuff. 

Much love to anyone who gives a rats ass about me. Sometimes It may not seem like it, but I miss you all. Some more than others, but you know who you are. :))

Wishing myself the best of luck (you narrcisistic fuck), ADIOS. 

PS. I swear alot when I write garbage and dont bother to edit. Sorry mom.

PPS. I think I packed too many clothes.

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