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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

R.I.P all my music.

Its gone.

All of it.

Every single ounce of my 84 gigs of music has vanished. Im not going to go into a convoluted story as to how it happened, but ipods were exchanged, itunes were updated and certian db files were corrupted.


This is an incredibly disheartening experience and is the first real "downer" of the trip. Where else am I going to get my fix? I had so much good music on there. From the obscure, to a WICKED Justin Timberlake remix album. I shit you not, great beats on that one.

Sigh. I want to sing the blues.
I want my regina spektor. I want my spoon. I want my burial. I want my Of Montreal. Where else am I going to get to listen to some John Frusciantie? Or Dylan? Or Xaviar Rudd? There will be no one with Explosions in the Sky, or Godspeed, or Books in their library, I can gaurantee it. Even my Beatles and Floyd collections were unparalled.

There are few that can touch the scope or scale of what I had on that Ipod. Just from the sheer amount to the VARIETY of music I had; Obscure jazz, shoe gaze, rap, pop, true indie, rock, alt-rock, neo-classical, electronic, house, drum and bass....

Another huge goddamn sigh.

Listening to music is a very very large part of my life, and this is the first time in a long time where I will be without any. To not have music at my beckon call is equivalent to me wandering the desert without water.

Am I being melodramatic? Sure. Does this change the fact that I had something very important ripped away from my being? No.

I need a hug.


Mohamedally said...

I feel your pain.
It will be an interesting exercise to see how much of the music you remember when you start building up the collection again.
Love you very much.

Munira said...

I still have your old mp3 player..I am sure you must have taken the music off that..will save it for you..Hope you get a better collection
Love you


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