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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Im a seriously debating taking a very hard motorcycle ride right now. The only thing holding me back are my tires. They are starting to wear down to the knob and taking corners at 150km+ does not seem like a viable option.

I suppose I can enjoy a leisurely cruise through the city, but I am seriously aching for some twisties. The only real reasonable choice right now is some of those White Pine roads but they end quickly and often leave me unsatisfied (thats what she said)!

As I am in no mood to trek my way down to the hell soup that is downtown Vancouver tonight those short jagged roads may be my only option. I realize no one really cares but you know in case I end up in some ditch somewhere atleast you knew what I was doing!

PS: My riders conscious just bitch-slapped me for making that last comment.
PPS: 150km/h + on a corner is a bit of an exaggeration in most cases, but can be accomplished on the Sea to Sky highway. Trust me. VERY doable.

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