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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sand Art. Incredible.

San-Franciscan artist Andres Amador creates large-scale works of sand art on the beaches of California. Raked into the sand, the complex designs, which start out as doodles in his notebook, cover huge spans of land. Always fighting the tide, Amador will wait for a full or new moon in order to ensure low tides and more time. Within a few hours of completing a design, it is washed away by the sea. There's no time for error, so Andres prepares his pieces well in advance by crafting the image again and again on a computer. In the past five years, Andres has raked over 100 designs into the beaches of the San Francisco Bay area. He is currently planning to seek out new beaches around the world in which he can produce his work. Andres says that he receives very positive reactions from those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his work before they dissapear into the ocean. He believes that the fleeting nature of his artwork is what most captures the imaginations of his fans.

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