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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I desperatly want to move and live in New York for a little while.

I am going to try and make it a life goal, and at the very least visit the damn city within the next couple of years.

I think my special brand of craziness would be appreciated there and its one of those places in the world where everything just seems to click. The fashion, food, music and general vibe of the city has always enthralled me. To me, New York has always seemed to have this really eclectic mashup of turbulent chaos and quiescent tranquility which both scares and fascinates me. Call it Hollywood romanticism, I don't care.

I want. New. York.

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Emm said...


I used to have a constant daydream. I wanted to live and work in a big city. Any city. I wanted the trains and subways and buildings and hustle and bustle.

We moved to London, England and one day I realised that I had achieved this dream that I had never told anyone about!

Keep it foremost in your mind and your dream will come true!

I want to move to America now. Maybe NY, maybe LA. I wonder if it can happen again?


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