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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dollerton madness.

So I know I have always been incredibly clumsy and a closet blond for most of my life, but last night I pulled a gooder that surprised even me!

I somehow managed to jam a wine glass stem into the bottom of my foot! FUN! It was a surprisingly easy feat when you take into account the several drunk people, a padlocked pool, and an earnest desire to take a dip at 3am.

It was pretty entertaining actually minus of coarse the blood loss and painful shards of New Zealand liquid. My friend, Kimmy, who is a nurse in training took good care of me in her drunken haze.

Sitting on a toilet mostly naked, bleeding profusely while she tried to take my blood pressure was a moment in time that will not be soon forgotten.

Good times I think. We are a classy bunch usually, I swear.

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