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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Unnecessary Divine.

It is often I wonder about god and ask, why do we care so much? It is here that I ask about our obsession with "creator" and conclude, does it really matter? Why do we feel the need to be involved with something, that is supposedly everything? Are we so obsessed with an attempt to comprehend an "All" that in the end we lose focus of an actual truth, namely our very own humanity? So I ask you again, does god in the end really make any sense at all?

Even if such entity existed and life was illusion, do you not think our own cognicity would be enough to superseed?. In the end we are nothing more but matter manifested. Thus we remain quarks, strings and thoughts amalgamating themselves into something VERY real. A talking, breathing, loving human. A life lived through the observation of control. A quantum gasp found in a breath.

Conclusively, I don't really mind if universe and time itself were pre-determined simply because I KNOW (be it under false illusion), that I converse under the action of free will. I KNOW my every action impacts a soul and I KNOW what reciprocal effect that may levy unto my body. There will be no saving grace to come and rescue me, nor will there be any otherworldly to come scoop me up when I fall.

I have only me to count on. My life, my body, MY one.

Lets say a symbiotic universe existed. Let us for a moment imagine a working wonder stored in the chaos. What then? Do we try and pick up few skeleton pieces found in long dead stars, or do we start to listen to the hopes and wishes of our very own living throbbing brain?

Perhaps it is just heaven we are obsessed about. A supposed "perfect" only achieved in death. It is here that I sit and converse once again. Why it is necessary to subscribe to something that in the end cares about nothing but killing you?

A vicious god she is.

We live in world so jaded with love that our eyes have ceased fathom the Eden in which we walk. What, I then ask, are we searching for that cannot be found on this planet? What are we so sad about, that cannot be achieved within this human breath?

Love? Peace? All that remains. We experience this in our everyday lives. Your mother. Your father. Your lover. Your friend. Why do we need a god to make that valid?

Fuck omniscience I say. The bitch didn't know love until we showed it.

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