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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Every stress in these sheets are morbid.

These crease marks line down my body as my frail legs begin their weighted escape into the world below. A sensation of frosted fangs begin to nibble on my toes as my weary patience waits for the remnants, of visions too dark to bear, to whisk way. A moons waiting fog settles in the distance.

Death, I saw again.

I touch my face and caress my eyes only to realize the too many dark corners that puddle underneath.

I am tired.
Very, very tired.

My mouth has begun to move and soon falls into its old practiced patterns of cadenced whispers.

"Not again...please...not again".

And while these haphazard gasps of silent screams take notice, I look to the presence of the beast found still. Its arcs, blacked in an undefinable, cascade down within my heaves of multiple breathtaking. Here I have found a beauty so content in torture, that god himself could not have helped but to stare in wonder.

Her rotting perfume was already beginning to dissect its pattern into my skin and while I waited for the slow decay to seep into my pores I could not help notice but:

I stink.
A rake of flesh has sent rancid sweat down my nostrils. A whiff turns something in my stomach. My mouth begins to taste like metal.

It is here, caught within the confines of the empty space of nothing that a conduit opens within my brain. A tremor sparked within the fault of its own word.

I don’t.

Its quiet patience is what has scared me the most, an unwelcome divinity lost within my caress. And so, while these currents continue to surge up my spine, I ask for an answer to a question that no one knows but it.



Several seconds pass by as I wait patiently for a resignation that I know I will not receive. A commerced transaction left unsatisfied.

My feet have finally touched the carpeted floor beside my bed and my sigh has grown audible.

Morning, comes again.


Anonymous said...

you are narrating my life-killing me softly-never lose hope-i use your strength-thank you-dont despair--

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