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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello Mr. Robotoman.

How are we today? Are we looking for more lube Mr. Robotoman? Have your buckets gone rusted?

Do not worry Mr. Robotoman, for do I have some hope for you yet! I have here, a 2L bottle of baby oil made with nothing but the best blood sweat and tears of a hungry Somalian child! Do not fear Mr. Robotoman, no-one will catch you! No-one will hear of your squeaky joints as you approach in feint steps. Quiet Quiet Mr. Robotoman, this is what we sell. Only $5.99.


Anonymous said...

juıces wıll undoubtably flow but a lıttle robot lube wıll quıcken the glow...joe

Anonymous said...

PS ıts 19.95


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