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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Man. I am so high right now.

Ya dude.
Did you pay your child support man?
Oh shit man. I forgot.
You forgot man?
Ya man. Its because I was HIGH.

dun dun dun.

Marijuana. The not so silent killer.

This, a typical "stoner" conversation, has been occurring with much greater frequency than with what I am comfortable with. So, because of events like these, it is I, who will give my full support to Stephen Harper and his new bill.

Way to go Harper! Way to get to the crux of the problem! Fuck the 65% of the people who actually WANT marijuana legalization, you do your thing man. Lets throw the fuckers in jail man! YEA!

You know why your awesome Harper? Its because you don’t need to listen man. Your fucking Stephen Harper! You don’t need to listen to shit!

Screw those fucking hippies and their long hair. Beneath the farce of love and peace its murder dude! I see it in those hippies eyes everytime. Plus they totally stink too, and I mean, who can trust a smelly person am I right? I know Harper buddy, I’m on the same page as you.

Hey man, lets not even think about how you are putting increased strain on an already overburden legal system nor how your going to get money for an already bloated budget while still sustaining a national economy in a floating global recession.

You'll figure it out. You know why?


Who cares about the rest right? Its the elite and dolla dolla bill ya'll!

P.S: Fucking Hippies.

P.P.S: Can I have a signed autograph?

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