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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here is a big fuck you to ICBC.

Fuck. You.

You know what would be good business practice? If you didn’t fuck over your customer base every chance you got. You know what would be an even better idea? If you paid attention to how people actually drove, as opposed to how you think they should be driving. Contrary to what you may think, being cooped up in your own little corporate bubble does not exempt you from being responsible to a public which you still provide a service for.

That's right ICBC, you provide a service to US, not the other way around. You rely on US for business, and accordingly YOU need to evolve your business model to keep pace with our demands. We don’t have to bow down to you, because we are hiring you! You work for us jackasses!

Unfortunately you already have a strong monopolization of the BC auto market and thus, we the public, often feel we have no other option than you. We believe we have no where to turn to, no one to talk to, and no one to change what so desperately needs to be changed.

Yet, what we fail to realize is that the public can fire ICBC anytime it chooses to. Let us not forget, we are the CEO’s and VP’s of the land. The government and all of its subsidiaries are employees of ours. We rule the roost.

Now, I may be wrong here, but doesn’t a successful business model sometimes constitute re-shuffling? Continuously cutting the fat so that a company can rise without dead weight pulling it down?

Its a thought.

Now, the only reason ICBC gets to charge such atrocious insurance rates, and maintain its stranglehold on the BC auto society, is because there is no competition. Maybe the complete privatization of the auto-plan industry is the way forward, or perhaps ICBC just needs to buck up and open their eyes. Either way, changes need to be made and people need to speak up.

P.S: If your going to give completely pointless learners tests atleast TRY and mimic real life road situations ok?

P.P.S: Its countersteering jackasses, not tip the bike over at 80 kmph.

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Anonymous said...

ICBC has to go, the dumb cunts


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