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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am currently sleeping in the most ridiculous bedroom in the world.

Since I just got back into the city and have no money at my disposal, I am staying at my parents house. My folks, the incredibly sweet people they are, let me store the remains of my apartment in my old bedroom. It seems in a span of 3 months, this room has become the resting place of all things random.

Consequently I have boxes of books, computers, motorcycle gear, board games, broken up pieces of Ikea furniture, 2 snowboards, a microwave, tv, a air humidifier, random pieces of art, a tub full of legos, lots of pennies, lightbulbs, oscillating fans, white tea body cream, and 3 laundry baskets. Thats right. 3.

I also have a stuffed Canadian beaver that somehow managed to make its way into this room.

I now sleep with it.

Don't judge me.

*Edit: Ok, it really doesnt sound that ridiculous but you should see this place. Its more of a you need to be here type of thing.

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