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Friday, May 8, 2009

And the worst song in a wizard movie goes to...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

*slow clap*

Yes, I finally watched the movie in its entirety and although well made, the song played at the Yule ball was, for the lack of any better term, BARF.

Is that what this generation of children consider "cool"? Are you for real? Has pop music really degraded to this garbage? Have the Chemical Romance’s and Pussy Cat Doll’s of the world really taken over mainstream music to the point where nothing exists but marketing and shitty renditions of the glamor metal era? Say it ain’t so!

Now, I may have taken a while to stroll into the party, (I personally call it a fashionably late), but holy crap man, we seriously need to rethink our standards of what constitutes good music.

As much as I hate to say it, MTV has and continues to mold young minds through the influence of music. The difference now however, is that the music and culture have not only adhered to the lowest common denominator, but have also made a conscious effort to dumb down an entire populace of children.

Granted I have not watched TV in a while, and perhaps what I am blathering on about doesn’t even need to be said, but when Soulja boy is still in the Billboard top10, it makes me think I’m not that far off the mark.

Now I am no music elitist, I listen to a lot of popular music, but a line needs to be drawn in the sand. Lets put the Michael Jacksons and Claptons back on their perch. Why don’t we let the Dylans, Nirvana’s and NWA’s regain their wings? Lets inject some fucking substance and emotion back into our veins!

Maybe “Superman dat hoe”, really does inspire some people. I don’t know, and honestly its really not my place to say. However, do we really need to pay heed to that type of message?

“Listen kids, remember to always half ass it and never use your brain ok? Cause its the only way you will ever achieve this level of success. In fact, why bother trying to save the world, when supermanning that hoe is good enough?”

By promoting abominations such as these, that is exactly what we are telling this generation of thinkers.

Here is an idea, instead of being stuck in cookie cutter beats and lyrics lets try something different and EXPERIMENT. Lets push the bounds of acceptable and get the message out there. Music doesn’t have to be an opiate, it doesn’t have to exist in the background. Popular music was once the voice of an entire generation of change. Lets make it happen again.

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