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Friday, August 14, 2009

Racism makes the world go round.

A truck driver is driving down the road, when he sees two black guys with a broken-down bicycle. It's starting to rain so he pulls over to offer a ride.

"Yeah man, our bicycle is broken down, both of us we needs a ride."

Ok, says the truck driver, but I don't have room in the cab so you'll have to ride in the trailer.

I also have a whole load of bowling balls in the back, so you'll have to squeeze in.

A few miles later he gets pulled over by two troopers. One trooper is checking the tires, the brakes and when he opens the back doors, he yells out "emergency! seal off the area" the other trooper comes running to see what's the problem.

"He got a truck load of nigger eggs, two of them hatched, and they've already stolen a bike!

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