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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ghosts of City Soliel.

The Chimeras filter out from their homes and meander their way through an alley maze of derelict shacks. On tin rooftops and through back lanes they walk, relinquishing their control to the perfect union of man and ghost. Sub machine guns glint in the moonlight and hurried steps pitter patter across the hard pavement dirt. Aristide has finally fallen and the Labanye are starting to take their final stand against Aristides thugs. 2pac and Biley are in danger of loosing their lives but more importantly their hold on a crumbling city.

Called the worlds most dangerous place in 2001, Haiti houses violence, greed and corruption. This is an island where a throat is slit without a second glance and a life changed with a single bullet. What could possible happen to a people who look for a redemption song in a city where none can sing?


PS: Amazing doc. Watch it.

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