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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes, I like touching my back.

I know it sounds strange to admit something like this but I generally don't like to cut corners on these invisible tracks of self-actualization. Discussions about smooth backs included.

So now, as you sit baffled within my unending barrage of half-pinted idiocy, I urge you to slowly follow the creases within the folds of your skin. Funny feeling no? These little canyons explored delicately by the nails of a debaucherous animal. Every adventure, a new one. This fold has never been seen before, much less felt, so ask yourself: What mysteries do your bunched cells contain? Thousands of tons of atomic power callously strewn aside by a mortal. The power to collapse a million suns into liquid chaos.

Ever think what the universe would look like on a fundamental level? A giant orgy of heat gas and light, each thriving against one another, begging for the others mercy.

My back, is a special place I think.

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