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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I feel like a funny guy today.

Did you hear about the frog who parked in the handicap spot? He ended up getting his car toad. I'd also tell you the one about the fence....but you'd never get over it. I could possibly even fathom writing the one about butter.... but i'm worried your just going to spread it.

Much like the two silk worms who had a race to just end up in a tie, these jokes will just end up like the one about the airplane. It's just going to go over your head.

They say a good pun is it's own reword, but I on the other hand want to be like two hats hanging on a hat rack in a hallway, careless while moving on a head. It's kind of like setting one's house on fire, it's quite alarming and much like an old lawyer these jokes never die, they just lose their appeal.

So it is here that I end this verse like two puppets who enter relationships with no strings attached:

What has two legs and bleeds a lot? Half a cat.

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