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Friday, November 19, 2010

Helping this planet just became a little easier.

Welcome to Energy in Common (EIC) a micro-lending platform which attempts to provide clean sustainable energy to the developing world. How? The partners at Energy in Common have created a service that allows for the lending of dollars by individual parties to any EIC sanctioned entrepreneur. Who exactly constitutes as an EIC entrepreneur? Only someone who is in need of foreign aid to better help their standard of living.

One donated, you can track your loan and see how that money is being spent. Be it, for a clean gas burning stove or solar panel, Energy in Common, will give you a detailed report on what your money is being spent on. Once the loan goes through you have 18 months before you, the lender, sees the money re-paid.
Yes that's right, EIC will let you re-invest the initial loan amount. Brilliant.

At this point, you can choose to re-donate that recovered money to another entrepreneur of your choice, withdraw it from your account or leave it alone to decide for another date.

This brilliant idea of a site not only fosters great thinking but also strong grassroot initiative. Spread this site around to your friends, mothers, fathers, lovers. Share a little bit of your cash to make this world a better place.

 Peace and Love.

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