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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writers Block.

It has been a long time since I have broached the topic of elephants so it is now, with slight trepidation, that I bring to you the first in a long line of episodes I like to call, Elephants, The Mysterious Loggers.

The first in our series is, Black Diamond. Weighing nine tons, Black Diamond was famed to be the largest Indian elephant in captivity. Although a strong able worker, Black Diamond was prone to severe fits of aggression and rage. In an attempt to combat such unbriddled aggression, the handlers chained Black Diamond to two calm female elephants. Nothing like a little bit of lady love to ease the ego back am I right folks? Neverthless, Black Diamond was shot and killed a little while later when he threw the circus owner, Eva Speed Donohoo, over a box car. His head, now stuffed and mounted, can be seen at a museum in Houston, Texas.

Next time on Elephants, The Mysterious Loggers: Murderous Mary. A cautionary Tale.

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