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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remember Dunkaroos?

And how absolutely awesome they were? They used to be one of the few staples of my childhood that I still to this day, crave with every fiber of my being. The chocolate and vanilla frosting with the cookie shaped crisps! OH MY GOD. This, alongside cheese string and fruity pebbles, made every day a day to look forward to. 

As I type this out another thought strikes me, isn't it a little sad that we bookmark our childhood by the consumer products that entered into it? Im sure at some level this leads to a discourse about sociological decay and the fixation of man on media but truthfully why would I mar my memories with such jaded views? 

Damnit life. 

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Brandi Nicole said...

haha! this is so true.
i really want fruity pebbles now... lol

but i think also we bookmark our childhood by objects or the things we did as well as the products we use. =p

For me my childhood is all about dance, swing sets, the scat man, and bikes.(among a million other things.) :P

But of course there is always kool-aid, and cereal brands, and mcdonalds too.

But never fear, all our childhoods, in my opinion anyways, weren't completely consisting of consumer products! :)


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