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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My leg is shaking uncontrollably right now.

Im staring at it as we speak and it is bouncing up and down in maniced anxiety. I can almost count the bops if I concentrate hard enough. 1234567891011121314. Damnit. Only if my leg would slow down so I could keep up. Fucking cunt.

What if my leg, for whatever reason, decides to break off my hip and hop away? I suppose it would be more of a flop as the principles of balance and gravity would have to be taken into account, but still, where do you suppose it would go? Barbados maybe. My leg looks like the type.

I bet I have a duracell battery in my calf somewhere. Those sneaky buggers probably came into my appartment in the quiet dim of the night to inject a sick syrum straight into my vein. Fucking bunny. I'll never buy a lithium battery again.

I can't imagine this obtouse shaking has anything to do with an excessive energy trying to compel a body into spasm. But then again who knows, this brain has done stranger things. I want to say I can control the bopping, Im sure I can, but these past 5 minutes has turned into an addiction of sorts. So in the end, who controls who?

Damnit leg, cut it out. I want to stop typing.

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