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Friday, April 30, 2010

Geriatric Hospitals.

I feel old. Incredibly old. Its like there is this hourglass in my head dripping sand into an endless expanse. Infinite grains slipping away on some polished metal glass only to be then left unnoticed in the dunes below.

A quiet solitude left un-noticed.

Perhaps, in our heads there resides some long forgotten civilization. A place of better times covered in the thicket of the wet shit of today. Once in a while we might find the appropriate shovel and dig hard until we reach metal. It is then, I suggest that the sound reverberates of the clang and cascades down our bodies filling our eyes with the spirals we so desperately crave.

The feeling never lasts though. We always lift our tool away and sigh, our old knees giving way to cracked whispers which begin their escape once again,

Life...I saw.

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