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Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Kathy.

Im sorry.

I wept when you told me. I felt the darkness embrace my soul while my long tendriled tips began to reach out to choke your enemies throats. I want to murder them Kathy, I do.

I want to knaw my teeth on their soft bony throats while dark excrement pours into their beady eyes. I want to feel their soft, faint beating hearts give way to my hands squeeze. All their lifes breath caught in between my fingertip.

They destroyed your body and heart. They pillaged and maimed your burned spark. A life you lost under the gullet of man while the unanswered screams of the young child reverberated in the empty silence.

And it was only tonight that I heard your soft whimpered echo bathed heavy in the fires of Hell. You are woman's anguish lost in the scars of man.

But I tell you now, as I stride through these hallowed hallways that I hear them chant your name. Quiet woman, too afraid to speak now pulse their lips in cadenced whisper.

Wonder Woman, wonder of my life...

You are strength unparalleled with stride unmatched. You are AMAZON.


Keebler said...

This is a true story.

Anonymous said...

"You are woman's anguish lost in the scars of man." This is a breath-taking line. Beautiful piece.


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