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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Part 6 in a series of Infinity.

I find that as these past few days roll by, my mind has ceased thriving in the tumultuous sac of chaos that it is used to. It has once again acclimatized itself to the quiet escapades of the few remaining rats. Those rascals.

Im not exactly sure how that has any effect on anything as my productivity and general spirit remains the same, it is just my perception of everything which has dimmed. Perhaps I no longer hear the silent clatter that once claimed my head space and perhaps it is now that I control the full reigns of chaos once again.

I should say that it is an interesting place to be. You almost miss the explosions and murder. The pure un-adulterated rape. Pillage and maim me MORE. SCAR MY SKIN.


Im an odd person I think.

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