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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One calculating sum sets an agenda.

Hidden under the alcove of a tree set in his chair, rocks the story of one man. It is there, amid the sounds of the many taped fingertips, that he designs the one calculating sum. An agenda riddled in void set to the date of infinity.

Tick one.
Tick two.
Tick three.

The pestulant clock begins to chimes its throne as the hurried black ravens flutter their antagonized protest. Once more a wrench turns its silent turn. And while the smokey whispers curdle their way into the frantic sound, the led mice begin their march towards the plains of a one lost paradise.

A rocked cadence found in the footsteps of a one calculated sum.


Anonymous said...

you gunna write a new blog soon?

Keebler said...

ill be more updated. Thx for propagating the literary word. :) however silly and ill-edited it may be.


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