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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Da Police. Whoop Whoop.

Listen Mr. Officer, you don't have be a complete jerk about what happened ok? Yes, I did run the red and YES it's true I don't have a license, but must you be such a twat about the whole situation? Does my humiliation have to be received in such cordial and professional tones? This is nothing but a disgusting administration of just law and I will have none of it!

How can a simple badge institute such audacity? The respect of law, which you officers seem to administer, flabbergasts even the most sane of my senses and it is with great animosity that I write such scathing notes. Respecting traffic laws...BAH.

How do you stop me, a Husain motherfucking Vahanvaty, for something so inconsequentially illegal? How do you think you are huh? Sitting there fancy, half pint smile on your face judging every passer by. Turn your sirens on for all I care and watch my apparent disregard of the law.

So here is to you, Mr. Officer and your unreasonable tickets...*middle finger*

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