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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What happens before the days we die die die?

Do we try to fashion all of our experiences into one forgetful blimp? Or do we compress everything into one blissful moment of utter purity? Do we forget our life and attempt to rename our slate for that next moment of nothing? Are we all striving for peace in this infinitesimally small moment or are we satisfied with resignation?

Is that what our final evolution is? Nothing for something? Or everything for nothing?

Either way, its change. Boat loads of change.

How do we even give any semblance to the life that precedes it if everything collapses into the end. Atheist, god fearing...nihilism at its finest. Oh Sisyphus, where are thou? :)

Anywhich way I look at it though its always peace and love. Always always fucking love.

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