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Monday, November 23, 2009

Here is to you Spindler. You will be missed.

Its with an aching heart that I begin this long overdue ramble about my beloved, Spindler. I have written about her in previous posts and as unfortunate as it sounds this shall be my last farewell to a beast that not only served as my penis extension on the road but also a release mechanism for all of my emotions for the past couple of years. Will another come?

My Spindler, how I will always love you. My friend, my lover, my one. A perfect fit you and I were, a combination that had rarely graced the pavement stone. A naive young man saddled on his perfect black dragon. Always sitting still while the world whipped by at perfect speeds.

She rode with such ferocity that I often wondered how such a beautiful machine had the audacity to grace my life. So many fine tuned beats throbbed through her metallic heart that with every dip and turn my Hallelujah's screamed stronger within the chamber of our dualistic synchronicities. Every time we flashed past, I saw tongues dribbling spit at our machiavellian madness. Nothing was lost and nothing gained while our gleaming black bodies becoming figments of others thoughts long lost.

I will miss you. Forever.

And so a gear clicked, a wrist turned and a man wept.


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