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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am no longer farting, but instead need to poop.

Now I am not usually one to make a mention of the timings of my bowel movements but here I am empty screen at hand while the cursor blinks maniacally. WRITE its screaming, WRITE.

Where does poo come from mommy? Well it seems to originate right underneath the ribs and just above the pelvic region. Thundering rumbles rippling up a vacant chest only to send chills to an otherwise heated spine. Blup. Blup.

The bubbles rise above the trashing sea of acid only to float momentarily before they collapse in a graceful surrender. Sundering balls existing only for moments before exploding into sound.

Now to be completely honest, this movement is not unlike the many which have preceded it but somehow it has compelled me to write this non-nonsensical ramble.

So there.
Next topic: Elephants, the mysterious loggers.

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