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Friday, October 2, 2009

Click and Clack.

I find it sort of amusing that I feel the need to give an interview to try and explain the whirling chaos that surrounds my life. Hell, its probably a pretty solid reflection on the state of the world in which we live when a discussion with a single soul can't be enough. I hate to go off on a emo rant about the decrepit society and mass ignorance but lets face it, it is an interesting topic to ponder. I am a very happy dude (most of the time), BUT:

*Insert sad face*

Why can't I find comfort in just being able to spill my guts by my lonely self onto a blank canvas? Why is it I feel the need to have another party sitting across from me who HAS to ask me questions to reach the pits of my soul? Why can't those questions be asked BY myself TO myself? Maybe that goes back to our evolutionary roots. Maybe thats how sociology forced itself into our biology. Maybe thats why relationships exist in the first place. Just a mechanism to better explore our own personal universe.

Perhaps we can never solely exist for ourselves because we HAVE to exist for another. Atleast thats what my science is starting to tell me.

Mmmm. Random rants is a good thing at 12:02 in the morning.

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