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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am healing a tattered body.

These bruises and scars over my body will make a great story one day, but as of right now every single muscle hurts. Aches and pains throb through my senses to the point where turning my head is painful.

I know that's a hell of a way to start of any entry, so to alleviate any concerns...I AM OK. Yes, I'm in pain, but nothing permanent. I hope. I don't really feel like going into a story here...ohhh suspense, but safe to say alcohol, other "ingestable items" and bad decisions were involved.

Actually, I wouldn't even say it was a bad decision, but more of a lapse of good judgement

I did find out something about myself that night though, and that is that I have some substantial strength in my sinewy 145 pound body.

Oh yea. It was definitely one of those nights. Going up against a man that has over 50 pounds on muscle on you, still being able to stand your ground very well, and forging a significant amount of mutual respect afterward.

Go me!

There was no maliciousness in any sense of the word, just some good ol' testosterone and um...manliness? Oh god, that sounds absolutely juvenile, but you had to be there really. A test of unbridled strength, with a measured sense of control.

I'm not entirely sure why I chose to share this little tidbit, as I already have some great stories which would generate some severe envy, but my fingers led me this way. So yea.

I could talk about the beautiful women here (oh my god), the unbelievable beaches, or even the fantastic life stories I have heard over the coarse of this month but I chose not to. Perhaps that's says something about me. The ugly eyes of the ego peeking its head out, talons ready to slice a throat. Or, it could be because I have never had such an extreme test of my own power before. One that pushed me and my combatant to the fullest extent, exhausting every single piece of energy in our bodies and still feeling pretty damn good afterwards.

In summary, I am strong as fuck.

High five yo!

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Mo said...

I am so glad that you are alright.




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