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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My price.

Say what you want to say. Don't be afraid to say what you need. What more do I need to write? Do I have to write? Is that what people will listen to? Why is it that words hold this majestic power. The capabilities to change a life through any sentence. Why words why?

You, demon holder. Release me for I will never come to you. I take all I want when I want. This is my gift. Hardwired into ports resting underneath my skin, the metal glistens with my morning sweat.

Omega point, that is what I am shooting for yes? Then why do I still fear? The culmination of all into one burst. A push into the atmosphere that no human will survive. We are meant to fly. We are the angels we seek. Things shift, they move. Covers raise. Eyes close. Closer and closer we come. I am not afraid. Show them to me. I can see you. Hi.

Yes. These are the times. I am ready. Quiver in hand, scent on my skin. Rattle my bones o' forsaken one, for here I stand sword drawn from sheath. I have no more to fear. Dont you realize? I am ready to include everything inside. So show me. Bring down the heavens.

Glosyinh eiyh fidsdyrtd eiyh mr. eoe.

iyd nrsuyigul n s esy.
ehsy str you?

zi vsn drr you eslk.

mrlf inyo eslld.

Peel my skin into the bright light that I need to be. Let me bath in its curse.


Anonymous said...

Your writing and real life personality always throw me for a loop. Id bet there arn't very many people that can peg you dead on eh?

Husain Vahanvaty aka Keebler said...

haha. Yea. I don't really know how you would garner me just by reading my stuff on here. Im a mish mosh of so many things even I think it's hilarious. Love life, be life, live life. :)

Peace and Enjoy.


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