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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its my birthday in 5 months.

I just thought Id remind myself.

Honestly, its not like I have ever actually forgotten what day my birthday falls under, but I fall into an odd pretentious when the day rolls around. I tend to "forget" to tell people when the day rolls around.

"What? Happy Birthday? What are you talki.....OOHHH RIGHT HAHAHAHAHAH....THANKS MAN I TOTALLY FORGOT!"

This, in my new found douche language, translates into:

"Look, even I really appreciate and even secretly pine for the warmth and affection you are showering me with but I am going to pretend to be really fucking cool and not give a shit in an incredibly passive way ok? Ok."

Lets face it. I care that Im older. Maybe not in the most literal sense but I feel that my metaphorical understanding of the universe requires me to address this issue in some sort of affectionate tone. After all, it is another year of experience. Another year of understanding, living and loving. There is something to celebrate no? After all, the worlds environment is condensed into my brain through an ever evolving filter of reason. Maybe that in itself is something to rejoice and give thanks in.

Sigh. I think Im too early for a midlife crisis.


Anonymous said...

mıdlıfe crısıs
only a socıal phrase defınıng a man who ıs realısıng some ınterests or dreams to release the fıre under hıs feet.
ıts good that you are ın touch wıth your feelıngs.

Anonymous said...

although what are they? what have you learned thıs past year?

Keebler said...

My feelings reside in some cloud somewhere. They are like a box of balloons too light to sit in my hands.


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