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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So here is the deal, I havn't been writing much.

Im not entirely sure where to start so I'll be brief. I have been facing a severe writers block for the better part of 2 months. I am simply at a loss of what to write. I could induce my brain into spitting out some rambled garbage, but to what end?

I originally started this blog as a diary of sorts. Just a medium to transpose my creative "talent" and to foster my latent ambitions. I have scribbled poems, short stories, fictions and general rants at the uncompromising world in which I live.

It has been a little over a year and even though I have written some I feel..not enough. I don't really know how to maintain a blog, and truthfully I don't even know if anyone reads this damn thing anymore so perhaps thats where some of the motivation left me.

Maybe I just need a muse. Some mystical force to sit and stare at in my hours of ponder. Just a creature to capture my imagination of thought. A fallen star sparked in the shower of light.

I hate to be a pretentious little bastard, but I think I do too much of that. Too much thinking. Too much delving into theory. A whatif in the infinite land of planck. Who knows anymore. Im going to keep trying to write, keep trying to spit out this jeweled vomit.

If anyone has anything interesting for me to say...let me know ^.^



Anonymous said...

my nephew knows there is no santa.. but still believes in the Easter bunny! how cute is that?

Anonymous said...

ZEN - all is as it should be. your writers block serves a purpose and i know how you feel. your expression of it helps bring my level of understanding as to why i too experience the block of spirit manifestation, no matter the form. my advice for you is to ride the wave. When a surfer hits a big wave, its because the water and the circumstances FIT. when it doesnt, the surfer STILL rocks, but to what extent? Nature, the universal vibe plays an integral part of it all. Consult the I ching, biorhythms, whatever you use to test the climate of now, lick your finger and put it in the air to check for wind. As ghandi once said, you may not always see the result of your action, but without any action, there will be no result. And so I emplore you, open your mind, talk to your audience, we are listening. when your trippin balls or epiphany strikes, remember us. remember that someone will one day read you and be inspired, enlightened, or what ever. ride the wave, work on the technique, sort the smaller ideas, the larger ones will come. rome wasn't built in a day, and you'll never be 'done'. so you might as well pace and be paced, humbled, and humiliated that your writers block exists. theres a POWER there for you, and it will always be there, the ebb and flow, right now your Ebbing. The breath goes in and out. gravity goes up and down, and so shall you be blocked, and have passage. as cliche as it all sounds, if you roll up your sleeves, and take it all in, you already know this. you understand in a DEEP part of your soul, this calm before the storm. i feel it too, and its because you feel the power of nature through your body enough to write in the first place, that you can begin to see your own writers block. the challenge, is not to let that feeling of incapacity overwhelm you. in my case, exactly such has happened. and I thank you for helping me to remember my understanding of ZEN, and how this too, shall pass, this too is needed, this too serves a valid purpose, and if you are forced to wait due to a block, its a perfect time to meditate, bring back to zero, ground yourself again, and regain focus, not on the frustration, but on the universal flow of all that does and does not happen. ^-^

Husain said...

Thank you anonymous friends. Especially anonymous 2. Im not entirely sure who you are, but I do believe you post motivated me enough to sit down and begin to enunciate once again.

I thank you for your you love through whatever energies there may be floating in space. We are after all brains communicating a conundrum to expansive to speak.



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