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Friday, February 12, 2010


I read a book on true AI once. It talked about thought. It talked about thought as being the next natural evolution of man kind. It talked about thought as if it were some physically evolved condition; A figment, a filament light, some metaphysical definition which was then supposed to contemplate its own consciousness.

So thought, a separate living entity.

This process does holds some weight in theory. Suppose that thought can analyze itself. Suppose thought can remove itself from the physical processes of the body and become completely devoid of any other influence other than itself.

Lets say that's true. If thought existed as a separate entity, would thought then develop its own personality? Would thought then be a culmination of its OWN past experiences? Would thought even exist without experience?

Would thought exist OUTSIDE of the human vehicle? Could thought be generated or transferred into the pure electrical (ie; computers?). Could thought exist forever? Outside of physics?

Too many questions, not enough motivation to flesh them out. Tune in for another half assed attempt to answer all of lifes questions on "Husain! The Existentialist Douchebag"

PS: The Book in question is "Genesis". Read it, love it. Its delicious food for the brain.

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