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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paper thin Perforation

I received a Pepsi pen at work today.

It was not a very good pen.

I am still in utter bemusement as to how Pepsi, an international multi-conglomerate giant, can possess the ability to concoct a liquid candy but cannot for the life of them create a written utensil that dispenses peoples basic blood soaked dreams!

Pepsi, your sugared stench boils my blood so hot, that my eyes have ceased to focus on these written needs. I want to lash out at you with my staggered dagger of prose. I want to burn and maim your syllabled court! Your quill is unkempt Pepsi, your marker is nibbed. I want you to know, that your inadequacies share no secrets with me. So misfired fountains, leave me be.

P.S: The Bic Cristal was the SHIT.

1 comment:

irf mcgirt said...

So was Crystal Pepsi. Hmmmm...


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