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Friday, April 3, 2009


A formidable word when taken in any context. It has the ability to push someone to the breaking point and in the same take, force decisions that can change the course of a life. In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with procrastination, in principle that is. As long as the work gets done while still maintaining its quality, there should be no problem. Right? RIGHT?

Although procrastination has become a mainstay in my academic career (or lack thereof at this point), I believe there to be a limit as to where and when this train of thought should be employed. School is...easy. Life? Well, as amazing as it is, it can also have its moments of pure frustration. Moments where you want to pack it all in and just punch the bus driver. Moments where nothing seems to be working to your benefit and the gods themselves seem to have given up. This is where procrastination becomes dangerous.

Procrastination has to tendency to be easily evolved into an apathetic state. No good can ever come out of apathy for it is an intrinsically foul thing. It festers in a persons soul, rotting someone from the inside out. To have no emotion or passion for anything destroys a person.

Now, keep in mind I am not talking about specific apathy, but a general blanket of not caring. Too many people like this exist, and perhaps that says something about how the society we live in today conducts itself. Clearly much work needs to be done on a macro scale, but it still all boils down to an individual. The individual has the power to change.

Take a chance. Start to risk. If you fall, wipe the dirt of your knees and stand back up. Don't be afraid, yet be smart and conscious of the world around you. Believe in what you know you can accomplish, and in the same take, know your limitations. Not everyone has the heart of lion, nor the brains of a rocket scientist.

Procrastination. Apathy. Employ them wisely.

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